Monday, March 1, 2010

My Weekend Adventure

Drove up the coast on Saturday morning in the pouring rain to San Luis Obispo with a friend on business. Couldn't resist getting a couple of shots of the countryside cuz the hills were so green from all the rain we've been having. This is one of my favorite tunnels to go through, it's right after you pass thru Santa Barbara but before you reach Buelton, Home of Split Pea Soup fame.

Above is the view of the hills we had from our motel in SLO. Across the street is the infamous Apple Farm restaurant which bakes all it's own breads and desserts, as well as makes their own line of preserves. Their biscuits with butter and boysenberry jam are to die for.

One of my favorite yarn shops to visit is in downtown SLO on Churro Street called Yarns at the Adobe. The owner has created a cozy, colorful interior with the most gorgeous patio outside for sitting and reading yarn books in. Below is a very cool table runner that I wanted to buy but sadly it wasn't for sale. Yeah, I know, I could make one, but who has the time? Maybe this summer :) Also stopped in the Cotton Ball Fabric store in Morro Bay. What a fabulous selection of silks, yarns, fabrics, trims and so much more. I loved this store, could have browsed for hours. This is a must visit store for all you quilters out there!!! Wish I would have taken a pix of the store. It's in an older home on the main drag of Morro Bay, one of the first stores you come to on a large corner space.

Sunday was beautiful and brisk. Stopped at the world famous Madonna Inn with the gingerbread architecture, and the one of a kind hotel rooms. Each room is decorated to a different theme.

There were flowers blooming everywhere, they even had tulips (very difficult for us SoCals to grow), and the daffodils where just finishing up their blooming period.

Years ago when I visited the Madonna Inn with my parents there were horses in the pastures below, but I didn't see any yesterday. What a shame.

Above is a shot of the main dining room and below is the entrance to the bar and dance floor area. The decor is a bit over the top for me. LOL
And on the way home I just had to get off the freeway at Topanga Canyon Blvd. to shot this rock formation. If you look closely you can see people climbing near the top.
All in all, a very fun and picturesque adventure! Hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. I did enjoy it! What a treat for winter-weary Minnesota eyes. Thanks for the mini vacation.