Thursday, March 11, 2010

Audrey Pulido - Fused Applique - Student Art

So let's see what 3rd year 3-d art student Audrey Pulido is up to lately. She just finished her latest assignment, a fused applique quilt done with all her own hand dyed and hand printed fabrics.

She tried two hand dying techniques. In this first one she loaded a tub with an inch of shaving creme and dribbled some transparent fabric dyes on top. Then she took a comb and racked in several directions.

A close up when she was satisfied.
Another technique that she tried was to lay a piece of white cotton fabric on a large piece of plastic covered foam core board, spray the fabric with water then brush and splatter on transparent dyes. While still wet she sprinkled some areas with coarse salt, laid down buttons and charms as well as leaves. Basically anything that would lay flat on the fabric. Then she put it in the sun for several hours to set. At the end of the day she was to remove all the objects and salt and wherever something sat it resisted the dye and turned back to white. However, I'm sorry I don't have a photo to show you, our custodian accidentally thought her project sitting all day on the grass was trash and he threw it away, and before we could retrieve it the garbage truck had hauled it away. That was a hard pill for the both of us to shallow. Oh well! That's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. A lesson learned, the next time we put a big sign on it. So you guessed it, the next day she did it all over again. But before I could get a picture of it she had already cut it up and printed images over it. She's fast!

The shot above shows the piece after she fused everything down but before she did her quilting, and below is a close up of her quilted piece. She used several techniques: some free motion, some embroidery (see chain stitch around the couple) and some zigzagging. My favorite parts in the piece were the images she found of Paris that she printed onto her dyed fabrics.

Fantastic Job Audrey, and way to hang in there and overcome and conquer life's little disappointments.

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  1. this quilt is so sweet. i really love the outlined drawing on top of the other layers! ;) just awesome! ;) xo