Monday, March 22, 2010

7th Grade Collage Boxes with Stamped Tissue and Wire Pendants - Student Art

So I am nearing the end of another great group of 7th graders, 3rd quarter finals are almost here. The young ones just finished up their colorful collaged boxes that house their pretty stamped tissue paper and lovely wire pendants. What a great gift these are going to make for Mother's Day. The boxes above belong to Nathan Kim and Payal Morari. I really like how Kellie Zhao used a neutral color scheme which creates a powerful statement in the box below. We can just see her pendant peeking out.

Love the cool spring colors that Amy Igarashi chose for her box above. Both Amy and Kellie show a lot of artistic potential and I'm looking forward to having them back for more art classes.

The 3 boxes above belong to Valiera Gasca, Melissa Lanto and Alan Jahic. All 3 of these kids did a beautiful job with their collaging and their craftsmanship.

Here is a peek at Melissa's stamped tissue and pendant, and below you can see how Vivy (Valiera) has wire wrapped her pendant, both girls having done an outstanding job.

And look how Sharon has color coordinated her entire package from the color of her stone to all the colors she brought into her tissue and collage. Beautiful work class!

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