Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Text as Subject Matter - Student Art

An assignment that I've been using for the past several years is morphing into something even more current thanks to senior Hannah Park (below). Above junior Jason Kwon adhered to the assignment sheet (60% of acrylic painting to be composed of painted text) and came up with a powerful, stunning design. And below, Hannah asked if she could collage her text on instead of painting it on and I said yeah, give it a try and lets see what happens. So we ended up with two completely different pieces, each one fabulous in it's own right. Hannah is the niece of N.Y. artist Eunju Kang (http://www.eunjukangart.com/) that I featured two posts ago. I really like how Hannah watered down her acrylic paint and let it drip. Almost looks like watercolor. Look at your girl go Eunju :)

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