Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Transformer Down

At 10:00 a.m. yesterday our school lost power from one of our transformers, and more than half of our school was completely in the dark, including the classrooms. I was one of the lucky teachers. Only half my room was in the dark, so my kids were able to keep on truckin' on their projects. But two hours later and no Edison company within site, with the entire school in a

lockdown mode, the kids were getting restless and found other ways to entertain themselves. In the top photo Kevin and Paul took turns painting each others faces with india ink (very hard to wash off, silly boys) and another group got a card game going on.

Above, this was the scene in the science room which was completely in the dark. They made luminaries and played the game Mafia. I put my flash on and in the pix below this was exactly the same scene.

At 12 noon they had all the teachers and students (at least 1030 people) report to the gym and hang out till school let out at 2:50. They put my class over in the far corner. Here we are below.

And here was the entire crazy scene below. Because the kids went to the gym in one of the biggest downpours in history (we are having some serious rain issues and a few small tornados here in So Cal) the kids were soaking wet and very smelly. It was pretty nasty and very stressful trying to cope with that many bodies for over 2 hours, so I am very thankful to be back in my classroom today. Cal Ed showed up at 3:30 and power was restored by 4. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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