Friday, January 8, 2010

Knit Scarf Samplers

After my Intermediate 3-d students finished making their knitting needles and dyeing their yarns earlier in the year (above), I taught them to knit and crochet with their goods. So here are the finished scarfs that they made for their first quarter final (below). From left to right: seniors Alma Gudino and Jullian Kho, junior Angeline Tran, senior Trisha Shah and Junior Olivia Hill.

The girls learned 9 different patterns, so their scarfs had to have an example of each in them. They were Knit and Purl garter, Stockinette, Seed, Mistaken Rib, 2 by 2 Rib, Checkerboard, Basketweave, and Striping. Above are the samples that I knit for the kids to show them how to do the patterns and what they'd look like before being sewn together. And below is a close-up of Trisha's finished scarf with a crocheted trim and fringed ends. The last part of the assignment had them taking their scarfs home to wash and block them. These scarfs along with other recent art pieces from my other classes went on display today in the office. Come take a peek!

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  1. This is wonderful! I taught a group of fourth graders to knit, back when my daughter was that age. I wish I had thought of having them dye the yarn themselves.