Friday, January 29, 2010

More 7th Grade Art Wheel - Color Embossments - Student Art

Wanted to show off my 7th graders final pieces for the quarter. We spent several days learning the basic techniques in watercolor and pastel. And then I introduced them to the very basic techniques involved in printmaking, and zeroed in on embossment. I had them build a plate from very dense cardboard as their base, then they glued on shapes, textures and lines using additional cardboard pieces, yarns, wire, screen, laces, low relief buttons, seed beads and anything else around the room that might work. I gave them thick, wonderful, cotton rag embossment paper, had them wet and blot it, then place it over their dried, glued down plate, and sent the whole thing through the printing press. It was so fun to see the delight on their faces when they saw their print for the 1st time. Then they had to choose from watercolor, colored pencil, or pastels to finish piece off with. Everyone's favorite belonged to Benjamin Domae (above). Another favorite belonged to Sharon Oh (below)

More of my favorites belonged to (above) Jada Gonzales and Raji Ganapathy and (below) Erica Abrina and Karen Malacon.

And these last two beauties were done by Kyung Yi and and Anna Lee (below). Can you believe these are just 7th graders doing art for the first time? I am so lucky to teach at this school. I count my blessings everyday for this wonderful job, and I also send thanks to my very wise mother, R. Patricia Foote, who I never really appreciated till it was too late. She encouraged, pushed and cajoled me to follow my dreams. She passed away 2 years ago in March after a brutal 10 year battle with Alzheimer's disease. Miss her so much. She would have loved Sharon's rose (above).

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