Thursday, January 28, 2010

7th Grade Art Wheel Soap Scrubs - Student Art

One of the 7th grader's favorite units this quarter were the soap scrubs that we felted over bar soap with dyed wool rovings. The ones this quarter were especially sculptural and so much more cool and interesting to the eye then last quarter's pieces. We are looking at Courtney Shin's above. It was one of my favorites.

Aren't these so much fun? Just love all the tails, knots and bows that the kids designed with. Their favorite part of the assignment was getting very soapy and wet while working. What a mess we had for clean up! Above we have from left to right, top to bottom: Jeremy Brown, Brandon Pu, Jonathon Xue and Turath Liebenau. Below are Bianca Tolentino, Anna Lee and Tiffany Chu. These are fabulous you guys!!!

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  1. You are extremely creative I have never seen anything like these before. Really interesting blog you have going here.

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    Tom Bailey