Monday, January 25, 2010

Slab Footed Bowls - Student Art

Love this piece done by one of my favorite students this year, senior Kyoung Lee. The assignment was to built a shallow slab bowl over top a mold, then to attach feet that worked visually with bowl. Also to bring in surface design for added interest. I feel Kyoung did this masterfully. And then he choose to stain it with red iron oxide and cobalt carbonate rather then glaze it to further enhance it.

Above is senior Julie Chong's backside (hands holding up her bowl) which we both loved, especially how the glaze turned out, very earthy.

Above is senior Chris Shishido's favorite design motif, his classic bear claw that he has used for many of his assignments. He informed me today that he is ready to move on to something new :) What I really liked about this piece was how his foot, below, is the bear holding up his claw. Very clever Chris!

And above we have senior Erin Unson and junior Chareena Eleazar. Both girls did amazing coil inlays as part of their surface designs and then stained with rutile and red iron oxides, then glazed with transparent. What beauties they are ladies!

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