Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Moonbabies - Students Art

Just getting around to posting my Ceramic I classes Moonbaby (little clay dolls that are made in Zambia for children to play with by their mothers) assignment, their first project of the year. They were given a lump of clay and told to pull, pinch and manipulate the clay into an abstract human form. What they were not allowed to do was to attach any pieces or parts. So this is actually a pretty challenging 1st assignment. I just didn't tell them that at the time :) They all did an awesome job with the project and here are a few of my favorites. Above we have seniors Erin Unson and Eugene Kim, and below are seniors Jessca Lee, Jennifer Su and Julie Jung.

And last but not least senior Janet Hurtado did the very cool design below. They all finished the pieces off with an oxide staining technique.

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