Friday, December 11, 2009

Janice Tsao - Alum - Class of 2008

Janice, who went all the way through 4 years of drawing and painting classes with me, recently came by for a visit. After a year at UC Davis, she has decided that she wants to transfer to Cal Arts in Valencia where she'd like to major in animation. So I asked to see her portfolio and these are a few of the pieces she brought in that I felt where exceptional. She has been attending an Arts Academy here in Cerritos called Vision 21.`It has an excellent program with many of it's teachers graduates of Art Center in Pasadena. So these are a couple of works that she created there under their watch. Above is an incredibly detailed pen and ink drawing with several close ups to follow. You 7th graders pay attention to her use of line and texture. Just like our last assignment.

These next two works were from a life drawing class she attends there with actual live models. Very impressive

And above is an acrylic piece that she did of a live concert she attended, and below is a mixed media work that is very powerful. Terrific job Janice. I'm so proud of you. And good luck at Cal Arts. They have an amazing program there.

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