Monday, December 7, 2009

Margie Fish- Fiber Artist

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Which one to buy? Which one can't I live without? On my excellent adventure last weekend with my son Zach, I found the most comprehensive fiber store in Old Town San Diego called the Shepherdess, and inside a plethora of art, books, fibers, and beads to buy. But what really captured my attention were the felted vessels of Margie Fish. I just knew I had to own one of her works. These were the 3 I had to choose from, each one more unique then the next. Which one??

Well, I finally made my decision this morning after looking at her pix numerous times. The price range is from $200 to $250. So for EXTRA CREDIT for all my classes, on a piece of green paper cut into the shape of a vessel, put your name and period on the front, and on the back side guess which one I picked (the blue, the orange-brown or the green with pine needles around the top. Let's see how well you know what I like. If you guess correctly you get 3 extra credit points, if wrong only 1. Good Luck!

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