Tuesday, December 15, 2009

7th Grade Pattern-Line-Texture-Color

My 2nd quarter 7th grade wheel class has just finished up their wonderful line/texture pieces and I wanted to show them off. Even though this new group has been a lot tougher to manage there is a lot of artistic talent in their midst. The top pix is a group shot of all 30 pieces, and the one below is a close-up of one of my new favorite students, Karen Malacon. She totally got what I wanted in this assignment. She always gets what I want! :)

The one directly above belongs to a young man who on the first day of class told me in no uncertain terms that he would never be able to do any of the art assignments, that he was a terrible artist. I think not! Just look at the cool piece Turath Liebenau came up with. It was one of my favorites of the bunch. Another favorite was done by Jada Gonzales below. A great job by all the kids. Now if I could just get them to stop talking so much, to actually listen to what I tell them without me having to repeat things 10 times, and to not run and poke each other constantly, we'd really be in business. :)

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