Monday, August 3, 2009

Tuesday Nite Mosaics Class Update

So excited, this Tuesday nite I'm going to be grouting my sphere, FINALLY! It's only taken me 10 months to glue the glass down. I'll be the very last person from the original class to finish. The pix above was my very first mosaic done in Katherine's class from last summer, but I forgot to post it. I was inspired by Katherine's whimsical trees that she did in glass that edge the doorway to her studio at the Muck where she teaches out of. Katherine has everyone start with an old silver tray base for their first piece.

Both of these trays where done recently by two of her beginners. Aren't they fabulous!

And this last piece was done by one of her advanced students who lives out San Bernadino way and drives all the way in to Fullerton to take her class. What a great piece! So hopefully real soon I'll be able to post my finished garden sphere.

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