Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer Update at the Agrums

Here's our dog Bogey's favorite new hangout, curled up in my son Zach's stuffed snake under his bed. Looks like I woke him up when I took the pix.

Dani is still celebrating her 15th birthday with a trip to the Orange County Fair and a sleep over with her pals. What a long nite that was!

And the girls still play dress up and have mock battles around the house with their light savers.

And Wednesday's still continue to be our beach days this summer down at Newport. The water is so warm right now because we've had so many days of warm temps. Here are Dani and her boyfriend Tyler, and my son Zach (in the beard) with his two best friends, Sean and Kyle. We continue to be on water rationing here in Yorba Linda and everyone's grass is beginning to turn brittle and brown. I'm barley able to keep all my potted plants alive. Fortunately the weatherman is predicting a year filled with rainfall, so I've got my fingers crossed.

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