Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy Week

Last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I traveled with my friend up to San Luis Obispo for a gallery showing of her work, and one of my favorite stops was here in Morro Bay to grab a quick lunch, and to shop the downtown stores. There were several nice galleries, one in downtown and the others along the waterfront, all with local artist's works. We also stopped in Los Olivos on the way up the coast. What a cool place that is, a real throw back to rural America. Many great wine tasting stores along with a couple decent galleries. Definitely a worthwhile stop. But my favorite part of the trip was Thursday nite in downtown San Luis. It's a farmers market with many great food vendors plus hundreds of people shopping, eatting and partying. A real interesting mix of college students, young families and an older crowd. There were a couple of live bands playing, so we danced in the streets. So much fun! Below is the view of the town of Morro Bay from the big rock.

Then on Saturday night, my favorite band, the Rockits, with one of the High Lites from Vegas, performed at a neighborhood block party. So much good food and lots of great music.

There is Jimmy on Caroline's guitar that she redid for him. Everyone is loving what you did on that guitar Caroline! And Dan is blowing beautiful music on his sax.

Looks like Ritchie and Jim are having an argument but they are really singing to each other. Pat is in the background on the keyboard.

And here is Dan's girlfriend Sue, and her pup dancing to the music. Sue and her dog work with children to help them overcome psychological problems. She takes the dog everywhere she goes. He's almost human! And so well behaved, unlike my naughty dog Bogie.

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