Saturday, August 29, 2009

Katherine England - Professional Mosaic Artist

Just wanted to update you on some of Katherine's latest pieces. But first I want to show you one of her earliest works and one of my favorites since the first day I walked into her studio (above) She never got around to grouting this whimsical guy, and in the end I think she felt it didn't need it because she had fitted the mosaic pieces so tightly together on the old silver platter. Below are a few of her recent works. She has been teaching face making workshops and these are a couple of samples that she whipped up. I believe both girls are likenesses of her two daughters.

If you look closely you can see fused glass pieces that she makes and incorporates amongst the other glass shards. I also really admire how she solves her borders on both works. She's my hero!

A close up of the one above.

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