Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Regina Teng - Student Art

On the last day of school when senior Regina Teng was whizzing by to pick up her portfolio, tool box and semester final, I couldn't resist taking a picture of her in her slashed up shirt. What a great new assignment this could be for my 3-d students! :) I'll miss you Regina, you know you were one of my favs for many years. Thank you for all the unique pieces you created and slaved over for me. You have some of the strong critical thinking skills I've ever seen in a student. They are gonna take you far. Love you

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ms. A! I've been checking your blog for updates everyday ;] It has motivated me this summer to finally start/finish some projects! This shredded shirt idea was a diy craze last year inspired by raquel allegra, and a lot of the style blogs that I follow have posted some tutorials.