Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Garden 2009

Just a couple random shots of my summer garden. June is always gorgeous with the agapanthus (spell check couldn't find the correct spelling so I hope I'm close enough) blooming in their purples and whites, and then my begonias really filled in nicely there at the edge of the planters.

One of my favorite blossoms is this variegated canna which blooms from yellow orange into red oranges depending on how old the blossom is.

Another favorite but not as vibrant this year as I would have liked are my hydrangeas. But I 'm just happy they even bloomed, cuz last year I hardly had any blossoms at all. I know I need to fertilize more but I'm oh so lazy about that. Every now and then I'll throw out some bat guano. Alum Billy Sevedge turned me on to it and it really greens up the leaves and promotes blooms.

This is a great shot of how the baby tears moss grew around my piggy and stepping stone. Unfortunately, with the lack of water and too much sun this summer that moss is almost all dormant right now. But supposedly we are in for lots of rain this year so I'm hoping it will all come back.

And this amazing bloom belongs to a succulent I got for Xmas from a good friend of mine. After I took this shot it sent up 2 more blooms just like this one. Isn't nature cool!

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