Sunday, August 16, 2009

Steffi Wong - Student Art

This was senior Steffi Wong's final assignment of the year in my 3rd year drawing/painting class. The assignment was to pick a piece of music and create a 2-d piece of art that works with the song. The students usually love this assignment because it allows them a lot of freedom to create art and listen to their favorite music at the same time. Steffi chose a lovely piece of music and when I listened to it her work of art flowed so beautifully with it. The students were allowed to select whatever media they felt worked best with the song, so Steffi chose watercolor, tissue paper collage and pen and ink. Below is a close up so you can see the wonderful texture she was able to achieve in her work. She worked this piece out on a full size piece of watercolor paper in less then 10 days time, not an easy task. These kids work their butts off for me. And I hope you all know how much I appreciate your hard work! Fantastic way to go out Steffi. You made teaching such a pleasure!

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  1. Is it just me, or the does the guy look like her brother? haha

    This is an awesome assignment. I want to do something like this.