Monday, December 28, 2020


Not Not giving up is my mantra on this Night Shift Cowl by Andrea Mowry.
But I have to tell you I've messed up and ripped out more then any other piece I've ever made. 
I finally have reached section 6 (there are 7 all together),
and as you can see, 
the pattern moves way more into the bluish yarn.
I'm still so in love with it,
but it's not a project I can take anywhere with me to work on.
It just requires too much concentration and focus,
so Andrea recommends having another project going at the same time that is much easier
that you can switch on and off with.
So I'm trying out Free Your Fade by Andrea,
something else I've been wanting to do.
It also calls for 3 different skeins of yarn.  
I just happen to have some Worsted Malabrigo in my stash that works well together.
And oh my, 
it's fast and so much easier,
but still good brain WORK.
Have I frogged back on this one,
you betcha,
but not nearly as much
The rows of eyelets are a real ball buster for me,
and I can't talk or watch T.V. when I'm doing it.
It's like knitting lace,


  1. I am daunted by your knitting ... but in a good way ... knowing that it's not my thing makes me appreciate it all the more

    there is new fingering yarn in my life, though (a post about that is pending) ... for darning ... maybe some weaving? ... we'll see

    in the meantime, sending much love to you and yours in this new year that holds so much hope and expectation ...

    1. Happy New Year Liz to you and Don! Can't wait to see your new yarn. Knitting isn't for all; have you tried crochet? Both are a bit tricky to learn but with practice it becomes therapeutic and relaxing, another right brain skill to learn. I like your list of things to do in the new year. Not overwhelming but doable. We have many of the same goals. Sending you lots of love and hope in this new year.

  2. Replies
    1. Happy New Year Jen! Thank you for your comment. Even though this knitting piece has been a beast I feel like I will eventually make it to the end without packing it away to finish another day. I do that a lot when I get bored with a project. this one does not allow boredom. Ha ha.

      How's that gorgeous garden of yours doing? I think of it often. Do you all get snow there? Our cabin is snowed in right now so we haven't been able to go up. The yard will be such a mess when it all melts but all my bulbs will love the freeze. I put in several new varieties this year.

      Looking forward to see your new projects in this new year. And to also see the new books you are reading. I got several new books for Xmas that I'm excited about. Right now I'm reading the Architect of Paris. A little hard to get into at first but then it grabs you. I love anything about how the European Jews survived WWII, especially the women. One of my favorite books was The Nightingale. Have you read it? I believe I read that one 2 summers ago but it was so epic and memorable.

      This was supposed to be a quick reply, sorry how I'm rabbling on so...LOL

  3. oh I love this ... the balls of yarn in the first image look like two heads leaning together, sharing a shawl