Sunday, January 27, 2019


junk mail, fabric & lace odds & ends, Modge Podge, gesso, acrylic paint, watercolor, sharpie 
and anything else you want to throw in

Senior Samantha Tun bravely jumped in as she undertook this challenging assignment.  
It's a wonderful mixed media Still Life.

She was required to paper collage down junk mail onto the surface of a stretched canvas.
We both decided this piece would look really cool on this elongated one she found.
Why junk mail,
in the original assignment it was supposed to show thru a bit;
some text, some images, and a bit of color.
like the Junk Mail books made in her previous art class the year before.
But Sam was enjoying painting in acrylic from a previous assignment 
and asked if she could change up the assignment a bit by using acrylic instead of watercolor.
I love when the kids ask to try something new so I told her she could if she watered down the acrylic so that the mail images might still show thru along with all the other fabrics & laces she collaged down first.
But we both discovered that that didn't happen.
But what did show up really well were the fabrics and laces.
They created amazing texture thru the acrylic.
After collating down all the mail and textiles she loosely gessoed with a brayer.
again allowing mail and textiles to show thur
 but also giving her a nice ground to paint over.
I had her set up her own still life and off she went painting over all the textures.
Also since our school diesn't have the funds to frame out the kids paintings on stretched canvas,
I have them bring the paint over the side edges
to make piece look finished off.

Congrats Sam on an outstanding job!


  1. Acrylic was a good call ... and I love how the diagonal lines of the cloth work with the overall verticality (is that a word?). Great textures and colors, too ... I can see why this piece got its own post.

  2. Yes it is a word LOL, and last year Sam was the only one in the third level of 3-d. She loved it and got a lot of personal attention and direction. She was in a class were there were about 27 Beginners and 6 Intermediate 2-D kids. Because I teach between 9-10 different levels and classes a day they have to give me multiple groups in each period. Keeps me moving and on my toes :)