Thursday, January 17, 2019


A huge bonus about being a blogger are the dear friends you make online.
I have made several who support my students & I, 
one in particular,
Liz Ackert from "I'm Going to Texas" blog fame,
who never misses a morning with her coffee checking out what's new on my blog.
She takes time out of her day to write the most thoughtful & beautiful comments
 for each child that is featured that day.
And in turn,
I have several students who also check the blog everyday 
to see if they've been featured and if Liz has sent them a comment.
It makes my heart so happy for them.
I am so very thankful for her daily support that I wanted to send her a special handmade gift.
This was my Pinch Pot demo. from this year for my Ceramics I class
and I managed to get it glazed in time before Winter break.
What I didn't manage to do was to get it in the mail before Xmas. 
But I was thrilled to see yesterday that she had received it and featured the pot on her blog.
I'm so glad you like it Liz,
I was really pleased with how the glazing turned out.
It showcased all the surface decoration I demoed for the kiddos;
pinching, paddling, stamping & applied decoration
plus scoring on a foot and handle.
For the glaze,
 I first stained the piece along the top 1/4 of the pot with Rutile oxide,
staining the other 3/4 with Cobalt Carbonate.
Then I dipped entire piece into our new Transparent Blue-Green glaze.
I hope you enjoy your coffee in your new mug Liz.
And Happy New Year.


  1. Thank you for telling me more about the making of this sweet pot. I did indeed enjoy it filled with my evening cup of decaf, discovering that it curled into my hand as if made to be there. Because yes, coffee bookends my days and nights ...

    1. I'm so pleased it fits your hand comfortably, and that you are using it already. Puts a smile on my face :)