Sunday, July 22, 2018


Tristan & Granger
Our newest grandchild has arrived,
little man Granger,
an Australian Cattle pup.
He was bred to be a herder
and doesn't like to be alone.
He's smart as a whip and learns quickly.
At 8 weeks he can already sit and lay down.
My daughter has been wanting a dog of her own for a couple of years now.
He is a little love, 
super affectionate, and spirited.
Potty training has been a bit of a challenge,
but he's getting the hang of it after 3 weeks with his new family.
I've already got to babysit,
but believe me,
there was no sitting involved.
Grange is a busy boy.
He loves to run and already retrieves his ball.
I'm so in love with him and his puppy smell.
Here's our little guy sitting on his mommy's lap in her car.
He goes everywhere with her,
including the gym everyday.

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