Thursday, April 12, 2018


Let's get the 2017-2018 School Year Started

Beginning 2-D Art
tempera on bristol board w/ some colored pencil accents

I'm so sorry to have gone on so long getting last school year finished.
Perhaps there was way more to post then normal,
or I'm just not pacing myself like I should.
Whichever it is,
possibly a combo. of both,
let me get this 2018 year started!

I'd like to start by introducing you to my Beginning 2-D kids.
I feel so very lucky to have such a cohesive group this year to work with.
They are so with me everyday,
coming in each morning with huge smiles on their sweet faces ready to work.
Many of them are 8th graders this year,
several of my best 7th graders from the Art Wheel last year.
So let's see what they are creating.

One of my many superstars this year is 11th grader Jessica Mones.
I worked with her in 7th grade and she stood out for so many reasons.
Her biggest one being her positivity and passion for the arts.
The kids had a choice to put their Color Wheel on one paper and their Color Schemes on another;
or for extra credit,
to design everything to fit on one paper.
Jessica made the 2nd choice happen with her fun and creative composition.

Another beginner who is really standing out this year is junior Steffany Reyes.
Frequently Steffany does a minimum of 2 pieces to everyone else's one.
She is that fast and competent.
If she goes on in art,
 that will serve her well in the work force.
So many times artists work too slowly and can't meet deadlines.
Not Steffany.

Here is one of the amazing 8th graders I was talking about earlier from the Art Wheel last year.
She is Madison Plotkin,
and if you put her name in my search engine you can pull up her pieces from last year.
She has incredible talent in design and craftsmanship,
and is very interested in going on in the arts.
She participates in every art contest available to further hone her skills.
She is a winner already!

Up next we have one of the best artist's in the class,
junior Manishka Ranjit.
She has been drawing all her life and she is bringing to the table remarkable designs
like this Color Wheel/Color Scheme piece.
Frequently she asks to work larger then the other kids,
and I allow her too because I know she will deliver.
She was also in the Art Wheel 4 years ago and I've been anxiously awaiting her return.
Can't wait to see what she will produce as a junior.


  1. What never ceases to amaze me when I visit here is how your students go beyond the assigned task and inject so much imagination into their pieces. And so, what particularly caught my eye in each one ...

    Jessica's wheels within a wheel ... and how the choice of red works so well against the gray buildings that arc behind
    Steffany's roses which draw the eyes down from their original focus to the left and center, along with the downcast eyes of her subject
    Madison's wild hair, with its crisp lines and the vibrant contrast to each color in turn behind it
    And Manishka's fish, every one of which is a work of art in and of itself ... the tails signalling primary and secondary colors ... the ever-lightening hues, contradicting the expectation of darkening depth, drawing the eye in and down

    Another lovely morning ... thank you

  2. These kids have been waiting all year for this post to go up, can't wait for them to read your comments!
    Thank you Liz always!