Sunday, April 22, 2018


doweling, polymer clay, clear nail polish, food dyes & wool yarn

Meet Rachel Kannampuzhz and her yummy colors her has created with food dyes and Polymer clay.
She is the other lone ranger in my 2nd year 3-D class.
In Period 3 this year I have thirty 3-D beginners and Rachel.
She was one of my top 3-D beginners last year
 and I was delighted to get her back into the fold this year for the Intermediate class.
Her first assignment was to make her own knitting needles out of doweling
with coping saw, sand paper and wax for her needles,
and to sculpt knobs from Polymer clay.
At the same time she was also required to mix up several colors of food dyes
to dye her wool skein with,
and to make sure those colors would flow visually when knitted together at a later date.
I've got 2 shots of her knobs.
I like the top one the best for the rose forms she made,
but even with color correction I couldn't show the real colors until I took another photo below.

I look forward to sharing Rachel and more of her pieces in the coming months.
She astounds me on every assignment with her critical thinking skills,
especially when she works most of the period without my guidance 
because I'm being pulled in 30 different directions by the beginners.
Thank you Rachel for your constant understanding and patience.

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  1. With needles like these I'd be tempted to try knitting again! Looking forward to seeing what came of the hand-dyed yarn as well ...