Monday, April 9, 2018



Most every year I think,
this has been the very best year of my teaching career.
The most artistically talented students,
the coolest projects,
the sweetest group of kids.
Well this group of seniors was all of that and so much more.

I have known most all of you since your 7th grade year in Art Wheel
when you were squirrelly youngsters 
trying so hard to figure out how to keep your hands to yourselves,
how to not run in my classroom,
how to stay focused,
how to follow directions,
how to clean up after yourselves,
how not to be a noob sauce.
Ha ha

Well most of you figured it out.
There still may be one or two noobs in the bunch,
always is.
But seriously,
know that I'm so very proud of how hard you've worked for me
and this school.
I love you all.
You are such good and fine people,
the best of the best,
and I'm very blessed that all of you passed thru my life.

know that you are forever in my heart,
and on my mind.
Just because you are gone doesn't mean I still don't think about you,
and wonder how you all are doing.
And most importantly,
are you keeping art in your life??

I hope that I've instilled in all of you a new aesthetic,
to be able to find beauty all around you.

I also hope I was a positive example.
To find humor even in the hardest of times.
To forgive.
To always do your best and work your hardest.
To step up and tell the truth,
and to be able to apologize when you've messed up.
To not procrastinate,
I know that's a hard one,
 even for me.
To be kind and respectful.
To contribute to society and give back.
To make a difference.

I hope I've made a small difference in all of your lives.
I will miss you,
and know that it was such a pleasure and a gift for me to be your teacher.
I send you off with lots of love.
And may life hold much happiness for you.

Last Day of the 2016-2017 School Year in the Art Room.

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