Friday, April 6, 2018


I found this delicate fuschia at my garden center.
They need the perfect combo of sun & shade,
but not a hot sun,
so summer will be tricky.

This will be my 5th try to keep one alive.

I'm hoping this corner will be the perfect spot,
since my fragile Fairy Garden seems to be thriving here.
I scooted the Fairy Garden over and put the Fuschia in its spot.
This is a shady corner at my home/studio on the patio of the 2nd floor.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

Meanwhile the Fairy Garden is going to town. 
The lone red Impatient I stuck in there last summer is flourishing,
and made it thru the fall Santa Ana winds. 
What didn't make it in the winds was the gorgeous Coleus I planted last summer.
The stem is still left so I'm hoping it might come back.

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