Sunday, April 15, 2018


graphite on bristol board

Meet a few of my 2nd year 2-D art students.
Their job to start the year off was to design a 10 step value scale.
The results were noteworthy.
Let's see.

We begin with extraordinarily talented senior Mary Kim
who turned the bottom of her tennis shoe into a 10 step scale.
Also notice the scales in the top and bottom of her border treatment.

We have two gorgeous bird designs next.
The one above by is done by senior Christian Balbido,
who if you look carefully,
 has created three 10 step scales,
going way beyond the minimum requirement.

And not to be outdone is senior Tiffany Chen,
who has also drawn at least 3 scales.

Just beautiful work you three.
For your first assignment of the year I am very impressed with your efforts.

An aside.
Know that these kids only had 2 days time to create them.

1 comment:

  1. Two days? Amazing.

    Tiffany and Christian's birds fairly fly off the page, but Mary's shoe sole takes a mundane object (I mean really, who looks at the bottoms of shoes?) and makes it fly in its own right. The framing of the piece by the two scales kicks the whole composition up a notch (and yes, the pun was intentional).

    Can't wait to see what else came out of this class!