Tuesday, February 27, 2018


clay, oxides and glazes

Traditional slab boxes can be pretty boring 
so let's see what these kids have done to hold our attention.

Senior Avanthi Dev created a cool ball sculpture on top of her lid that slides down the walls.
Now that catches my eye as does the way she glazed her piece.

Senior Lauren Kennedy carved out the tip top of her lid and added balls down the side of her pyramid which gets me at first,
but it's her glaze finish that really holds my eye.
First it looks like she used white clay disks on the sides of pot that look like moons,
had the box bisque fired,
and then she put her glaze on and brushed Red Iron Oxide over top for a really atmospheric look.
Love it!

Junior Vincent Nguyen shaped his box like a flower (very difficult to do),
and then carved out the top area to melt glass shards into for the final glaze firing.
Striking Vincent!
And love the blue glaze on the inside as well.

Next up is senior Eunice Shim.
She created a very complex slab using our red & white clay in a checkerboard pattern
even before she began her box.
So much extra effort and time.
When the kids do something that extra special I always give them a few extra credit points 
because they've exceeded the minimum requirements by a lot.
Also check out the inside bottom and see the script she has collaged down. 

This next one by senior Sarah Oh made everyone smile,
and the eyes she collaged down after the glaze fire were so realistic.
Here is the inside.
I like how she overlapped a few of our glazes to vary the colors inside yet they still feel unified.

 Here we have  senior Sahil Doshi & junior Renee Lin
Both pieces are glazed so beautifully that they stand on their own with no gimmicks.

One of my favorites was made by junior Simran Doshi.
I was really impressed that she thought to have her box open in several sections.
Here we see how it works.
So cool Simi!!
I also enjoy the contrast between your light glaze on the outside and dark on the inside.

Next up is superstar senior Ashley Iseri.
The clay not only loves her but apparently I learned by reading the text on her box here
 that she is an outstanding ball player as well.
Not the melted clear glass shards on top where she carved away an area for them?
So this box is a self-portrait of the young star.
Clever idea Ashley,
and we are very proud that you played for our school "The Wildcats".
According to her box she is off to play for the University of Hawaii Pacific 
this her Freshman year.

We end once again with sophomore Olivia Krueger
 because of  her remarkable "outside of the box" critical thinking skills.
Love, love , LOVE the hand morphing from the box!
And the lovely glaze & oxide application she did.
This is our Tan glaze with Rutile oxide brushed over top.
Also note the locking lid design along her side walls.


  1. Okay, gonna have to come back to this one ... there's so much to see.

    But in the meantime, when did that "Top 100 High School Blogs" badge appear in the right side bar?

  2. Back as promised, first with belated congratulations for the contributions here that earned that Top 100 badge of honor.

    Then on to the pieces here and what they brought to mind on a Friday morning ... Ashley's golden orbs like nothing so much as the delicate oak galls that gather on our live oak leaves ... Lauren's moons glowing through clouds, and better, the orbs tracing a lunar arc ... Vincent's deep blue well ... Eunice's precisely wrought slab so much like Jude Hill's nine patches ... Sarah's captivating dragon eye ... Sahil and Renee's uplifting forms ... Simran's whimsical box with its ingenious hinges ... Ashley's memoir cum life box ... and Ashley's inspired realization of thinking outside the box, which I couldn't help sharing in a comment on Jude Hill's Spirit Cloth http://spiritcloth.typepad.com/spirit_cloth/2018/02/sun-catching.html#comments

    Thank you all ...