Friday, February 2, 2018


laundered cotton fabric, heavy duty thread in red, sharps needles & indigo vat

Even though we had done a lot of hand stitching in various assignments last year,
the kids all of a sudden wanted to stitch on these cotton squares.
They were fascinated by the whole process,
and it's always a lovely surprise to open them up and see the results.
And of course,
they always love sticking their hands and dipping their cloth into the indigo vat.

This is what the cotton looks like after being stitched, pulled up tight and knotted.
Now it's ready for the indigo vat.
You want to see the results?

Junior Jillian Morris put an extra amount of effort into her stitched design.
Hers was one of the class favorites.

So was this one by junior Lynette Lee because of her complex stitch design.
Her result was gorgeous and a real eye catcher.

Gentle 8th grader Karen Hung created this lovely flower that popped so beautifully.
And don't you just love the various shades of blue around her stitches?

And here is another with those marvelous value changes 
by extremely hard-working 8th grader Selina Luo.
She went all out creating this amazing piece.


  1. I can well appreciate how many stitches went into creating such intricate results ... time well-spent and rewarded in the ever-magical shades of indigo blue

    1. And one of my favorite projects to teach because I get to do several demos where I learn something new every time.