Sunday, February 18, 2018


watercolor on cold pressed w/c paper

In 4th Quarter I take my students thru an intensive study of watercolor.
Those pieces will be coming up next week.
But in the meantime,
 I want to show off  a little extra credit opportunity they had
after the unit was over.
It went like this.
Pick a subject and draw it in segments or fractures,
and do the same with the background.
Then watercolor each fracture a different value or color.
These two in  particular came out really well.

Junior Vaishalee Chaudhary took to the watercolor like a duck to water.
She enjoyed it so very much that she created several other pieces during 4th Quarter
for pure pleasure.and was thrilled that this very tricky medium was easy for her.

What I loved that both girls did is they weren't afraid to mix colors.
So many students limit themselves to using only the pure colors in the watercolor packet.
They don't think to mix them to lower the intensity and and bring up the saturation.
So their pieces seem so trite.
But both these gals mixed and mixed and came up with subtle low key color combos.
Oh, by the way,
this clever piece was done by senior Melissa Ongko.


  1. Kudos to Vaishalee and Melissa ... their willingness to mix colors resulted in some wonderful subtleties ... and a sense of piecework

    1. I agree, color their subdued color palettes.