Tuesday, February 27, 2018


elmer's & tacky glue with oil pastel on black construction paper

I've received a few emails since I posted the Glueline assignment in January
about what it looks like when the kids draw with the glue bottles. 
So I checked thru my pix from this last school year and actually found a couple.
So here you go.

We've got junior Jayesh Jani drawing junior Mary Kim.
And senior Howard Lin modeling for Lauren Kennedy (outside the picture frame).
I usually don't allow the kids to draw first in pencil.
We go right to the glue bottles to create a really abstracted portrait.
Yet at the same time the kids are required to make it look somewhat like the model,
so they have to access their new Right Brain skills to make this happen.
That's why Jayesh is looking so intently at Mary.
He is completely unaware that I am taking his pix.

Here junior Sarah Oh,
who has been featured on the blog a lot recently,
saw me coming with my camera so she lost her Right Brain focus,
and she started to blush as I took her pix as she was drawing senior Christley Agbaroji.

So I hope this helps all you art teachers out there who might want to try out this assignment.
And also know it took me about 25 years to acquire a full class set (35) 
of these masonite drawing boards.
Only had the funds to buy a couple a year.
They are fairly expensive.
But man oh man, 
we use them a lot!

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