Sunday, February 25, 2018


graphite on paper

One of my favorite times of the year is the unveiling of the Before & After Instruction Drawings.
Students are paired with each other at the beginning of 2nd Quarter
and told to do the best they can and draw each other in profile.
Many of these kids have little drawing skills (from about 5 years old to about 1st grade)
but others come to me with various levels,
anywhere from 2nd grade thru about 11th grade level.
And every year I never know what I'm going to get.
Teaching from Dr. Betty Edwards Drawing on the Right Side Of the Brain,
I take the students thru the first half of her book using only right brain exercises.
Then the kids are partnered back up and redraw each other to see if they've made progress.
These Before and After pieces are mounted next to each other and are on display for the school to see and at Open House Nite for the parents to view.
What is so much fun is the kids have forgotten how they used to draw 
so are usually thrilled with the After results.
I know I am!
Right before they begin the After drawings,
 I take them thru basic head formulas to show them where the features of the face and head are located both on a Frontal view as well as the Profile.
Then I ask for a volunteer to decorate these heads.
Here senior Melissa Ongko has volunteered to do the honors.

Now let's take a peek at a few at their results.
We start with Melissa's Before & After.
She came to me with about 9th grade drawing skills already in place
and ended up at college level skills.
She was partnered with junior Michelle Hyun.
Michelle's auntie was a student of mine back in the day.
That's when you know you are getting really old.
Hee hee

Next up is junior Tiffany Chen
Her skills were pretty remarkable in her Before 
and her After is exquisite!
She nailed junior Willam Tan.

Junior Sarah Oh came in with about 11th grade skills 
and ended up with a drawing of senior Christley Agbaroji that is almost photorealistic.

And we end with junior Christian Balbido and his Before and After of senior Deborah Harris.
Remarkable isn't it?


  1. THANKS for sharing this!! GREAT JOB!

  2. wonderful! I wish I could be in your class!

  3. This is my favorite drawing exercise that you do with your students. It is always so amazing to see the flat "before" pictures and the blossoming of the students' skills in the "after" pictures. These after pictures are pretty awesome.