Thursday, November 30, 2017


I'm a bit tardy with this post,
but I really wanted to share what fun we had this Halloween with our little guy Syd.
Pop Pop decked out his daughter's house with so much scary goodness.
Lights, music and eerie noises delighted the neighbor's little ones,
but it was Pop Pop that was the biggest hit in his chair.
While I was out trick-or-treating with Syd,
Jim was giving out treats.
Syd had the coolest house on the block.
Of course Mommy had a tough time getting Syd's costume on.
There was lots screaming and crying,
but promises of much chocolate to come if he put on his suit.
He finally did but his Daddy and I were only able to get a few shots of him 
in his Paw Patrol costume before he pulled off his hat.
I tried snapping as fast as I could .
And man oh man did he come home with his pail full of treats.
I'm hoping he will remember this.
Us parentals had way too much fun and joy watching our little guy do his thing.

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