Sunday, November 26, 2017


I love to decorate for each season at my little studio/home where I house & host family,
visiting artists and store all my artwork and supplies,
  and have a large studio space.
We have a lot of Association Rules and Regulations so I can't do a whole lot,
plus I do break a few of the rules and always manage to get a letter,
but it's so worth it.
Here is my 3 story tiny studio's doorway.
I believe I have about 900 square feet inside.
I also have a love of gardening 
and my newest acquisition is the Plumeria in the right front.
Just waiting for it's first flowers.
But this season I'm proudest of my 10 Pomegranates that grew to fruition.
Last year only 2. 
My dear son gave me this plant in it's infancy about 7-8 years ago.  
I've been babying it and it's paid off big time.
Thank you Zach,
these are my favorites of the season! 

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