Monday, December 4, 2017


For Mother's Day 2016,
my son drove me all over tarnation to find the perfect supplies
 to build my own Fairy Garden
 If you click on that link you can see it in it's early stages.
Since that time it has morphed into this unrecognizable planter below.
The good news is that it loves it's location,
the bad news is...
well I guess there isn't any other then I can't find my fairy or her home anymore.
So this weekend I gave her a trim and there she be with her birds,
 pumpkin and clay tepee (used to be a roof over a porcelain birdhouse that broke,
but I couldn't bare to throw it away.
I think tonight I'll put up a closer view so you can see her better.
I guess it's still a bit overgrown,
but it's happy.

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  1. sweet! love fairy gardens, I painted a tiny fairy door and glued it to the fence in my garden. I then made a path of stones leading up to the door, such fun