Wednesday, November 1, 2017


not only are we finally feeling the weather change up at the cabin but also down below.
Our crazy hot weather has finally gone away and we might get a bit of rain this week.
Got my fingers crossed.
My sweet little maple trees I planted last year up on the mountain survived,
and now we get to watch the leaves changing colors above.

Looking down the side of the cabin to our back yard 
and the pathway we built to our neighbor's house.

And looking down from our street into our right side yard 
to the picnic table and benches Jim built for us.

All the glorious leaves I will save for my students and their eco-dye projects.
We've got mostly oak, and a tiny bit of maple and lilac,
and of course pineneedles.


  1. I tried a "pounding fall leaves" dye experiment with my grandsons last week in St Louis ... what I learned was that putting hammers in 3 and 5 year old hands and then saying "gently" is pretty laughable.

    1. Ha ha, I can only imagine, what fun for them though!