Wednesday, November 29, 2017


About 6 or so years ago I found textile artist Deborah Lacativa 
and fell in love with her and her work.
I wrote to her to introduce myself and told her about my young 3-D students.
She graciously sent me a box of her delightful hand dyed linen pieces
that I gave to my students to work with.
From each of those pieces I cut a small piece for myself to stitch with alongside my young ones.
Of course my students finished their pieces 
but it wasn't until this summer that I finally finished mine.
I was tremendously moved and inspired by her art pieces at the time,
so Deb,
this is what I came up with.
Thank you for sharing with us,
and letting me learn from you.
And I dedicate this to you and your generosity.

I don't know about all you stitchers out there,
but I carry my work with me wherever I go.
I have with me at all times at least 3-4 bags with different ongoing projects
that I toss onto the floorboard of my car.
They get accidently stepped on,
spilled on,
tossed into the backseat when I travel with a passenger,
generally abused to the max.
The bag that held this baby traveled in both my car & mountain jeep
for the past 5 years until I finally finished it this summer.
It went in with me every time my hubby and I went into Denny's for breakfast/dinner
(once a week).
So over the years I was working on it, 
water spilled on it or it picked up condensation from my water glass on the table,
and some of the fabrics bled a bit on the white linen backdrop
(see the turquoise piece above, and some of the pinks below).
But I felt it added to the look of the piece and kind of tied everything together.
It was this summer that I used the Kantha stitch to quilt 
(in the white areas only)
the finished piece to the light turquoise border.
I used a slightly off white #12 perle cotton thread.
Then I put it in the washing machine on my most gentle cycle and laundered it
(cuz it was pretty filthy after all those years of working on it)
It did a bit of shrinking and fraying which I really liked,
and I received the nicest compliment from my harshest critic,
 my daughter.
 She thought it was pretty cool.
Oh yeah!
I'll have to mount it now for wall hanging.
Hope I can get it done by Xmas for my girlie.


  1. Think of all this cloth has witnessed ... how much it will see in the future ... forever holding beauty and memory

  2. I am so glad you shared this piece, it is stunning! I like the idea that you carried it everywhere, the stories it could tell

    1. So great to hear from you Susan, and I'm thrilled that it moved you to send in this wonderful encouragement!