Monday, November 20, 2017


2013 Alumni,
Julia Faith Chanco,
newly graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality Management,
from the University of Nevada Las Vegas,
is ready to find a job and put down real roots in Vegas.
The Food & Beverage sector is her passion,
and with her bubbly personality she should have no problem finding the perfect position.
In the meantime she quilts.
She recently touched base with me and shared that since she's got some free time now,
she's pulled out her sewing machine and has pieced a quilt top for her mother.
Something she promised her mom 4 years ago.
Ha ha!
Directly above is the quilt she made in my Intermediate 3-D class in 2013,
and below is the new one she has begun for her mother.
It looks terrific Julia,
can't wait to post the finished work.
I'm so proud of you for so many reasons.
Congrats on your degree,
and congrats for keeping art in your life.
Julia also sent me this pix that I've never seen before.
The two of us noodling around on the last day of her senior year during her final with me.
Good Times at Whitney High!

I love you Julia Faith!
Come see me soon.
I need a hug

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  1. Kudos to Julia for keeping art in a busy life ... I can well imagine how much her mom will love this gift for years to come