Friday, November 4, 2016


watercolor & charcoal

I've really been looking forward to sharing these fabulous pieces by my beginners.
After spending 3 semesters learning about the Design Elements & Principles,
and 2 semesters learning to draw, 
my newbies get to putting it all together with these masterpieces.
We started with 3 preliminaries first before the good paper came out:
#1 learning to work with various charcoal pencils, sticks & vines,
#2 laying watercolor down first then putting charcoal over top for value,
and #3 laying charcoal down first then watercoloring overtop to blend.
The kids picked between #2 & #3 to build their pieces with.

We are starting with junior Eileen Lee.
What a dynamic composition first of all,
and then look how this piece flows & moves together over the paper.
Brilliant work Eileen,
and way to start us off.

Next we have junior Malaya Sithichai with this stunningly drawn & painted pup.

Sophomore Mikaela Guerrero took to this technique 
like a duck to water with her two urban landscapes.
So loose & spontaneous.
The second one was whipped up in one day.
Everyone was so taken with these pieces 
that I'm thinking of limiting subject matter this year to an urban landscape.
Your thoughts please?

With a completely different style is sophomore Clarissa Kim.
I'm so disappointed this young woman was not able to fit me in this year 
to continue on with her art studies.
I really like the lightly stroked charcoal in the feathers.

What  I did suggest last year for subject matter were birds.
I have a friend who sends me her nature magazines when she's done with them,
and they have numerous photos for the kids to choose from.

I like how junior Ayesha Durrani added the fairies to her landscape.
Very sweet.

And one of my personal favorites was this one by junior Eunice Shim.
Love the movement she captured with both her watercolor and charcoal strokes!

Another brilliant work and personal favorite was this one by sophomore Matthew Flores.
This was his fractured watercolor Extra Credit piece.
Love the layers he built this self-portrait with.
I screamed with delight when I saw this!
Something like"Oh My God,
did you guys see this one?"

And we end with these two Extra Credit pieces by junior Vicky Hur.
So very sensory & lovely Vic!


  1. Mikaela's urban landscapes are wonderful studies in form and color. I suspect their apparent looseness belies sophisticated choices. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

    And even though it's somewhat antithetical to what I liked in the urban landscapes, I'm also very taken with Vicky's puzzle.

  2. As much as I love the urban pieces, I enjoy looking at the birds and other watercolored animals too much to say yes to your proposal of limiting the subject matter... but those are just my thoughts! Always such lovely work from your class, and I know that your enthusiasm helps loads :-)

    Missing you and California and hoping you are doing well!