Thursday, November 3, 2016


clay, transparent glaze & ceramic pencil

Usually the kids in the clay classes don't do much drawing, 
just some quick sketch ideas.
But in the second year,
second semester,
I bring out the ceramic pencils (oxides encased in a pencil form that can be sharpened),
and require them to try drawing designs on either a bowl or plate they've thrown on the wheel.
Wait till you see their results!

Senior Klyne Madayag blew us out of the water with this piece.
What a gorgeous design Klyne!
No wonder she is now an Art Major with an emphasis in clay at Cal State U. Long Beach.

Next we have senior Sandhya Raghvan with this super cool drawing.
I was so pleased when these came out of kiln and couldn't wait to show them off to all the kids.

Seniors Efrain Quintero and  Eryn Burnett are next with their bowls.
Sadly Eryn lost the bottom of her bowl when she was trimming it, 
but I told her to keep it
 and see what she could do with it glaze-wise to practice on.
A close-up of Efrain's bowl from above.

And check out this interesting form from senior Sitara Puliyanda.
If I were to take a guess,
I'd say that when she was trimming it the lip chipped off,
so she balanced it by chipping off the other side.
But the kids were required to alter one of their plates on purpose,
so she could have done this deliberately from the get go.
Either way it looks great with the ceramic pencil decoration. 

As a thank you and surprise at the end of the year 
"The Gang" made me this sweet thrown piece and each signed it.
Thanks you guys.
You are in my heart forever.