Monday, November 28, 2016


printing press, printmaking paper & blotters, cardboard, string & glue

These last couple of posts represent the ending of the 2015-2016 school year,
and are either last assignments or final projects.
It's never taken me this long to reach the end,
but as my class sizes increase 
so do the amount of important pieces I feel I need to share.
So sorry students from this new school year,
 it's almost your turn  :)

This was the last project my beginners ended their year with.
I wanted something fun and new that many had never experienced before.
I also wanted a project that showcased what they had learned throughout the year.
So let's see what they put together. 

Here are seniors Jason Kim &  Jae Olano, 
along with junior Ayesha Durrani & senior Sriram Velmanikandan taking their turns at the press.
I was very lucky early on in my career here at Whitney,
 in that I was able to save up some money
 and buy a small printing press from Dick Blick for my classroom.
The kids love using it,
especially once they get the hang of it (a bit intimidating at first).

To start,
 they sketch out a design idea then grab a piece of firm cardboard I've pre-cut for their foundation.
Now using more pieces of cardboard & string they glue their shapes/lines/textures down
 onto the foundation board which is called a plate.

Here we see the outstanding work of sophomore Mikaela Guerrero's.
I'm showing both her foundation plate and her finished piece.
And below we see her first embossment.
They all made 2 pieces.
First the embossment with no color, 
and then they printed a second to put their choice of media onto.
I believe Micky used watercolor and pen & ink.
I especially love how the ink bled.

Next we have the very talented junior Eileen Lee.
Notice on Eileen's plate how she is actually drawing with the glue!
Micky did as well above.
Looks like Eileen is working with watercolor, colored pencil & pen & ink.
Below is her incredible embossment.

The foundation plate does not have to be super elaborate.
Notice senior Kyung Chi's plate above,
very simple.
But what Kyung has done with watercolor and charcoal has brought this piece to life.
 the kids had the choice of which side of the paper to use for their embossment.
Usually one side turns out better then the other,
so they decide.
That's why Kyung's is turned in the opposite direction for his photo below.

Senior Roseanne Cho has chosen a strong female warrior as her subject.
Very difficult to pull off because of the detail involved.
her plate is fairly simple,
it's what she does with the mixed media that makes the piece.

I love that junior Jazzarie Lo picked a non-objective subject.
Not only does it make her embossment pop with all it's hard edges, 
but the way she wtercolored in her subject is super cool as well.
Jazz probably had one of the strongest embossments in the class.

Next we have junior Ayesha Durrani.
I usually don't let the kids use Disney, Anime/Manga or Warner Bro. images but I weakened when I saw how cool her plate was turning out and the effort she had put into it.
And I'm glad I did because she ended up doing a beautiful job with these Disney images.
Check out the work she put into building her chandler on her plate.

We end with my girl,
 junior Eunice Shim.
She like Jazz,
chose a non-objective design.
These turned out so well that I'm thinking of next year making that a required subject.
Thoughts please??
The pen & ink work pares so beautifully with the watercolor.
And the embossment is really groovy as well.
Great job as usual Eunice!!

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  1. I love the signatures at the bottom of each piece ... taking the work seriously!

    Mikaela's guitar with the music flowing out in waves would be perfectly at home in the live music capitol of the world.