Saturday, November 12, 2016


scartchboard, nibs & pen holder, watercolor

with a pointy nib on the most wonderful product called Scratchboard.
It's a poster-like white bristol paper that is coated with a black substance.
Making the tiniest scratch on it 
will cause the black coating to flake off and reveal the white underneath.
Then I required at least 255 watercolor to go into the white parts for added interest and value.
The kids were also asked to cut a matt for their pieces for display purposes.

This remarkable work was done by senior Risha Bhakta.
So like-like you'd think it was a photograph.
Because Risha had tons of Extra Credit built up,
she asked if she could forgo the watercolor and loose pts.
That's why you aren't seeing any color in hers.
The kids use a combination of techniques to achieve their values;
crosshatching, hatchure strokes and pointillism.
A close-up to really blow your mind!

This next one by senior Bernice Lin (aka Ginger Ko),
is a study in patience.
She picked an incredibly difficult subject that took her hours and hours to scratch away.
But man oh man, 
was it worth it! 

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