Monday, November 7, 2016


pastels, tinted charcoal paper, ink, colored pencils, construction paper & poster board

These pieces really show off the talent & creativity of seniors Bernice Lin & Risha Bhakta.
They were required to find a frontal photo to work from,
then fracture it into at least 3 pieces.
They could fracture right from the get go on one piece of paper which no one chose to do this year,
or they could draw selected sections of the subject & cut and paste them next to each other
like we will see  below in Bernice's kitty piece,
or the fracture could happen after the drawing was complete like the first two we will see.

In this first breathtaking piece by Bernice,
she started off with a beautiful photo with amazing colors.
She enlarged and drew it on tinted charcoal paper in water based pastels.
But it was her gorgeous fracture idea that really made it special.
She spent hours & hours carefully cutting out her fracture from a piece of white posterboard
with a super sharp exacto knife.
Truly remarkable Bernice!
And so proud to show it off.

This next one below by Risha is equally as magnificent.
Her technique was to first draw in pencil then go over that with colored pencil 
which looks so realistic in the way she captured the high & low lights,
the subtle color changes of each strand,
and the exact movement of each wave.
Her fracture,
the mask.
No one has ever thought to do this idea before.
 like Bernice,
 used an exacto and black construction paper
to cut out her delicate & intricate design.
The most difficult thing was how to attach the mask.
Risha didn't want to glue it down in case she decided to take it off.
So this clever girl used transparent fishing line and dangled it down from the matt she framed it in.
Can you see the strings?
Pretty cool, huh?

Bernice enjoyed the fracture challenge so much that she did a second one 
with a cute little kitty as her subject.
In this one she drew in ink & colored pencil on a piece of white paper.
 She selected only sections of the cat that she felt would look good on their own,
drew those & cut them out,
 and mounted them next to each other on black poster board,
creating a jigsaw puzzle effect.
She bordered it with gold and then black matt to pull it all together.

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  1. These are incredibly sophisticated ... Kudos to the artists for the time and effort that resulted in such stunning pieces!