Thursday, November 17, 2016


It really makes my heart happy 
when I actually finish some art piece that I've started for my students.
This thrown pot was made two years ago as a demo for my beginning clay kids.
I'm crazy about surface design,
 so I grabbed a bunch of stamps and cylinder rolls and went to town
stamping the heck out of this pot.
When I had finished I felt it looked a bit tribal 
and knew I'd probably want to dangle something from the side,
so I pierced a couple of holes along the shoulder.
I stained the outside with Red Iron Oxide 
and glazed the inside with our beautiful black glaze,
then took it home to my studio to see what I could find for the dangle.
This sweet little clay bird, 
which I think came from Mexico on a colleague's necklace that she donated, 
seemed the perfect compliment to the pot,
along with a piece of leather and a couple of brass and silver beads.
The only downside is I can't remember what I did with the darn thing.
This getting old thing really sucks Eunice!
Then today I went for a doctor's appt. to check my hearing 
and the nurse told me to expect a call from the doc with the results.
Seems I'm losing my hearing in my left ear.
What a revolting development!
Well at least I can still see with my trifocals,
although I do practice knitting with my eyes closed,
just in case.


  1. So much to say here ... first, the impressions are wonderful, as are the holes anticipating embellishment and the interplay of matte and gloss surfaces. Anyway, I was doing some therapeutic shopping yesterday and came across a whole necklace of clay birds, 80 in all! Can't wait to see where they land and will always think of you for inspiring me to see their potential!

    As for hearing ... well, losing it is terrible, but it does have some minor advantages. If you sleep on your good ear, then night noises magically fade away, which can be quite useful during prolonged thunder storms.

  2. This kind of creating is all a mystery to me, this one's a beauty! It's bound to turn up some day, won't that be a nice surprise?

  3. Somehow my original comment vaporized (as they sometimes do) ... no matter. I still love it and am so glad I found a string of peace birds to call my own the day after seeing this!