Thursday, May 5, 2016


clay & oxides

Every year I'm so pleased to show these off.
For many in the class it's their first experience with clay,
yet they control it like pros.

I'm starting here with superstar senior Elias Rodriquez.
There are two ways to see this work,
 first as a mask but also as a torso.
I'm wondering if he was aware of that as he was creating it?
And if so, what it meant?

Next up is Helen Park.
Helen has really impressed me this year with her designs and craftsmanship,
as well as her willingness to spend tons of extra hours perfecting each piece.
I really like how she controlled her oxides to create contrast between her design edges.
Very difficult to do!

And senior Charity Lizardo always delivers.
I love the ears she added and how playfully expressive her piece is.
I also like that she was brave enough to add a touch of paint for extra emphasis.

But it was junior Cheryl-Mae Mallabo's mask that really stole the show.
Two sided, 
super expressive,
and dynamic.
Cheryl is another one who has really outdone herself this year 
and I'm sure hoping you will be returning next year!

And check out the craftsmanship and design on this next one by 8th grader Malia Pulido!
So superb,
it's going on to the district art show next.

And how adorable is this one by senior Jordin Toney?
Brilliant how she embedded the paper clips into the clay.

And then young 8th grader Carl Estrella brings us this very strong skull mask.

And we end with junior Insha Khan.
Fabulous texture and patterning,
and love the beads she has glued on after the firing.


  1. Were I a Greek thespian in centuries padt, I would have worn Malia Pulido's mask with pride ...