Monday, May 9, 2016


Collecting Plants & Making Fairy Gardens...

and adding Succulents to the patio wall.

Buying Tropical Plants with super cool flowers 
at the most spectacular nursery along the Newport Coast,
one of my favorite places in the whole world.

And collecting seashells at the sea shore in Corona Del Mar...
with my beautiful boy last weekend.

Then receiving a glorious orchid bouquet the next weekend...
with brunch down in Laguna Beach
and a pit stop to see the Rescued Seals.
A visit to a new yarn store,
and time made to place flowers on my mother' grave...
with my incredibly thoughtful and patient daugther.

A mother couldn't feel more loved or cherished.
Thank you Zach and Danielle for always coming back to the nest that I built for you,
for taking time out of your hectic & crazy lives to spend these days with me.
What a special treat from the both of you.
I couldn't ask for more wonderful children.
Everyday with the two of you in my life has been a blessing and a joy.

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