Sunday, May 22, 2016


These baby daffs look ginormous on the screen but in real life they are no larger than a quarter.
And they are so fluffy & frilly.
I wanted to pick them and bring them down with me but they looked so sweet
right where they were under the wood arbor that Jim built.

This is the second year these cuties have appeared in the mountain yard.
I think they are called Bleeding Hearts or String of Hearts?
All's I know is that they are so petite and delicate.
They will last all summer.
I laid on the ground to take this pix.
No wonder I'm itchy tonight.

And these tiny daffodils are about the size of a nickel.
They are just starting to open up and are delightful.

And I planted this rose for my Mother,
 Rose Patricia,
up at the cabin for Mother's Day.
Lavender was her favorite color,
and it bloomed last weekend.
This weekend it was loaded with roses as you can see,
and they are so small,
just like my momma who was 4'10" tall.
Missing her like crazy.


  1. I too look for the small signs that both hurt and heal ... loss is never really over

  2. A little slice of heaven up there in Crestline