Friday, May 20, 2016


at a few of our pieces at the 19th Annual ABC Unified School District Art Show.
All the high schools in the District are participating this year.
so it's really interesting to see all the different types of art & levels going on within our schools.

I'm showing off a couple of our tables & walls...

but we also have our larger pieces on easels throughout the hallways.

The show will be running all next week,
so my art students,
 I'm hoping you will be able to drop in and see whose pieces made the cut.

Also offering my art students 5 points of extra credit for going.
Just take a pix with your phone at your favorite piece and show me.

The District Office is located 16700 Norwalk Blvd. in Cerrotos
 on the corner of 166th and Norwalk Blvd,
and is open from 7:30 till 4:30 Monday thru Friday.
Hope you enjoy the show!


  1. I love recognizing the pieces that have been on the blog, but boats! There are boats!! More please.

    1. Yes boats LOL, a brand new assignment inspired by Ann Wood. I'll probably be posting them this month. They are to die for!